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Mnh, new community... *pokes about* M' called Sil. I was dragged…

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Mnh, new community... *pokes about*

M' called Sil. I was dragged here by Kyo, although why I have no idea, as I'd think she would know how shy I am by now. :P

Uh. Yes. I like nagas and mers. The latter particulary because I love fish. Probably anything I post will be betta mer stuff, as my nine betta boys are my muses. Don't get me started on them, or you'll never be able to shut me up.

I'm stuck with a tempermental and rather lazy muse, so don't expect loads outta me 'round here. Just comments. Lots and lots of comments. Anything original I post will be the direct result of someone beating me to do so.

:P I roleplay for the most part, more than I write unfourtunately, and I dabble in the visual arts.

Hopefully I'll finally suck it up and finish my betta slash that Kyo wheedled outta me. If I do, look forward to hearing weird names based off of subspecies like Akarensis and Foerschi.

*goes back under rock*
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On June 2nd, 2006 12:44 am (UTC), kyouketsu commented:
Yay! Silith is here! *drags you from under rock again*
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