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All That Glitters

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NSFW. Smut, of the vaguely fishy kind.. Kyo had to beat coerce me into posting this here. ._.;

All That Glitters [Is Not Gold]

Oh god, my spellchecker wanted to turn "Foerschi" into "foreskin." Dx

Foerschi and Akarensis are two names of betta subspecies.
Crowntail - A breed of betta splendens that has been cultivated to have 'spiked' fins.
Plakats - A breed of betta splendens that has been cultivated to have the males' fins short rather than long.

A rich display of black and chocolate brown heralded the end of the fight; the looser forced to slink away with torn fins and sorely wounded pride. The winner awarded the few curious onlookers with the full spread of spiked finnage, the light that filtered down from the surface playing off of gold iridescence as the dominant male reinforced his victory with a lap of his territories.

Most members of his harem slipped out of sight as he passed by, a few flaring their fins in response before returning to their business. Quarrels were common here, where wandering males often strayed past the dominant males borders in hopes of finding unclaimed mates or unguarded territory. Unfortunately for them, Akarensis kept a diligent guard over all that belonged to him, and the large betta hadn't yet been bested.

As the male returned to the site where the short battle had been fought, the source of the conflict came into view. A small male, of the short finned variety known as plakats, was just emerging from the crevice he'd taken shelter in. Transparent fins and a rich purple body gleamed with metallic turquoise, perfectly matching the hair and eyes of the smaller male even as he flared at the dominant. His display was less impressive, fins clamping closed whenever the black and gold male darted closer as he circled the younger betta, Akarensis taking his time inspecting the newcomer.

The smaller betta arched his back, and hesitantly moved towards the dominant, his movements painfully inexperienced. The lack of comfort while performing the traditional displays, coupled with the small size and apparent youth of the plakat, made Akarensis grin. The youth was either horribly sheltered, or it was his first year out of the nest; either possibility amused him to no end. There was a wicked gleam in his gold-ringed eyes as he drifted closer, one tanned hand closing over a pale wrist and dragging the plakat closer.

"What's your name?" Akarensis purred, his tone a bored sigh despite his rather feral expression, as he pulled the slim fingered hand into view.

"Foerschi." The reply was terribly quiet, and a glance at the younger bettas face revealed eyes wide with apprehension, gill frills clamped closed.

His unnamed fears seemed to be at least partially confirmed when the dominant betta suddenly hooked his free arm around Foer's waist and dragged him into a rough embrace. Stiff with shock the plakat could do little more than flinch when a set of lips crushed against his own with predatory intent. Something hot and slick slid into his mouth, and it took him a moment to realize it was the others tongue.

The invasion was startling at first, but not unpleasant, and he soon found himself beginning to enjoy the attention. Akarensis abandoned his grip on Foer's wrist, instead grabbing rudely at the back of the plakats neck, holding him still as the younger bettas slowly became aware that he'd be backed into the shallows. His earlier enjoyment was tainted by panic as he was pushed against the silty bottom, the heavy presence of the larger betta looming over him.

Distraction came in the form of lips on his neck, lips teasing sensitive gill covers until the plakat was flushed and squirming, keening softly when Akarensis let his tongue drag over the joining of iridescent scales and pale skin. Foer put up no resistance as he was pulled further up the bank, until only his tail was in the water, too focused on the sensations the older betta created.

A ragged gasp broke the relative quiet between them as a chilled finger pressed into untried flesh, the plakat whimpering when a second slipped in beside it, stroking heated walls with a practiced touch that quickly had the younger betta panting and clutching at the dominant males shoulders.

Akarensis purred as strong muscles gripped him, Foer crying out as he delved deeper and scissored his fingers, forcing him open. There was a choked sob as he slid his hand away from the smaller bettas slit, the sound a mixture of relief and disappointment. He wasn't disappointed for very long, however, for no sooner had Akarensis closed his grip over the plakats hips then someone far larger roughly took the place of prying fingers.

Foer screeched, back arching up off the damp earth as he was split open, only to fall back as Akarensis thrust into him again with a rumbling growl, giving no quarter even as the young betta thrashed frantically, tail kicking up waves that lapped at their hips. The massive crowntail only hissed and increased the force behind his movements; hungry for more of the deliciously tight heat he eagerly sheathed himself in.

Slowly the plakat began to calm down, body finally accepting the intrusion as the pain began to give way to pleasure. It wasn't long till his cries and gasps were of delight rather than hurt, his mouth eager to accept the tongue of the male claiming him and his hips rising to meet the thrusts of the crowntail.

It all came to an end when Akarensis hand closed over Foer's exposed length, the rough palm and short, violent jerks of the larger betta bringing the plakat to a climax, the spasmic clutch of hidden muscles causing Akarensis to follow suit with a sated hiss.

Foer panted, trying to slow the racing heartbeat that still echoed with the pleasure of his orgasm, groaning softly as Akarensis reluctantly slipped free from his body. With a rumbling purr the dominant betta leaned down, pressing a bruising kiss to the plakats already abused lips, before he began to slide back into the water, a leering smirk twisting his mouth.

"Welcome to my lake."
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Aww so hard being the cute little betta in the lake *Drags him out by the tail and throws him into the school of bigger bettas*
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