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Seaside Orchard Chapter 1

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Seaside Orchard
Not Worksafe: Merman on Merman sex ^^

He swam around the island in the middle of his territory, gazing longingly up at the overhanging tree heavy with ripe peaches. The sun glinted off the sharp looking back fin, a line of bright yellow that was taken over by a rusty red that then faded out. Some had likened that sort of colouring to a blush. His flanks and tail were the same blushed colour with thick pointed stripes of black amidst the fading colour, the combination framing the smooth expanse of creamy stomach and chest, before you got to the protective sheath and membrane where it blushed a startling emerald ~ sapphire mix. This starling mix was echoed in the twin spines between which a fluttering membrane of the same bright yellow to rust blush of the back fin.

The peaches were ripe and round, their skin almost bursting with sweet juice. A small pink tongue ran hungrily over crimson lips as the wind caused the branches to sway temptingly. Only one thought was prominent. When would the treasured delicacy fall into his webbed hands?

Normally among those who possessed such ears, the spine and membrane were left clean and untouched in order to catch the minutest of sounds. But the one who lurked beneath the crumbling island that had once been a fine orchard had multiple rings of silver set with sapphires set along the top ridge, and most eye-catching, a ring in the lower spine that by chain was attached to a stud that pierced his pert nose.

Once more the wind temptingly cause the tree to sway and a longing whine, a sound to send shivers up a grown mans spine split the air as for a moment the figure in the water rose up with powerful strokes, eyes fixed longingly on the food.

Hair that had caught suitors a plenty, the long mass of sapphire and emerald at both ends, interrupted by a just-below-the-ear expanse of rusty red in between, was currently let down from its usual ponytail, splaying across the tiger-like back.

He had never known longing until he had come to these isolated waters, never known the bitterness of having what you wanted kept just out of your reach. Jurei, spoilt, bratty and beautiful was obsessed with a fruit he sampled maybe once or twice a year. It was a deep longing, one that clouded his senses with the memory of the sweet warm juice and the giving flesh beneath his sharp teeth.

Another difference among many others between him and those of his kind. While his kind echoed the hair styles and adornments of civilizations long lost, Jurei cut his hair wildly and unevenly, pierced his nose and ears and was never seen without his prize spiked, leather and fishnet gloves. Makeup was meant to be discrete he had been told, but instead he framed his jade green eyes with bright lines of crimson and cobalt.

A single peach, skin almost bursting with juice, finally gave into the tugging of the wind and fell, and with a flash of fins the figure burst fully out of the water, almost airborne for a few moments while grasping hands caught the ripe fruit and cradled it as gravity reasserted itself


Eyes darker than the sea at night surveyed the young one feasting, narrowed eyes watching the trickle of juice running down the other's chin to be quickly swiped away by a flexible pink tongue.

The watcher stirred, arousal scenting the air around him though thankfully being carried away by the wind so that his prey did not notice. Sunlight gleamed upon black scales, bringing up a subtle blue pattern and the faint wind stirred silver hair, the ends and edges blackened, resting against a broad silver white chest.

With every breath the other mer took, a silver edged body fin quivered. And indeed the watcher was breathing heavily, eyes smouldering as he watched from the shadowy cranny between two large rocks, watching the almost ecstasy the other mer was getting from eating his peaches.

With a flick of a silver veined black tail Denali slid into the water, going to confront the young fool who had strayed into his territory and taken what was by right Denali's without permission.


Jurei licked at the torn flesh of the peach, savouring the juice before popping the very last piece of the fruit into his mouth with a saddened sigh. No more now except for the stray pieces and the juice that made his hand's sticky.

Jurei flicked his tongue out, licking up his wrists and palms, cleaning away what he could before moving to his fingers, sucking on the didgets to get the most he could.

The waves crashed from around his sitting point in the small tidal pool, blasts of white foam spraying up into the air around him and Jurei looked up suddenly, a single finger in his mouth, sensing he was no longer alone.

His green eyes met black ones that seemed to burn out of an pale handsome face, a cruel smile deforming a beautiful mouth as the other slithered up onto the sand where Jurei lay half curled, half sitting.

The young mer shifted backwards, eyes widening slightly. He hadn't known there were other mers here in his territory. The stranger cocked his head, running improper eyes up and down Jurei's body, causing the young one's back to stiffen and his cheeks to flush bright red in mortification at the look of pure lust the other was giving him.

"I don't usually take well to strangers in my territory.. "The new mer purred at him, his voice dark and velvety, a tangible presence that ran up and down Jurei's body. The voice of course, was a common thing among mers. It was why the Greek myths of sirens came about, most mers had voices that could bend the will of humans, a courting and wooing gimmick from evolution, the nicer the voice, the more likely the chance to mate.

Jurei shivered, realizing his territory was not his at all; in fact, this obviously stronger male had probably been here for years.

A pale hand, the webbing in between the long fingers darkening to black stroked down his cheek. "...but I think I'll make an acceptation to you pretty one.." the older mer sighed and bent down, lips taking control of Jurei's with mastery.

The younger mer thrashed, tail lashing out to beat against the other's, trying to push the other's off him, but all he received for his efforts was a deep growl, strong hands coming up to grasp his wrists and stretched them out away from his head as the larger body settled on his, pinning him down. The other's dark tail shifted against his, fine scales sliding against fine scales and Jurei whimpered, his mouth instantly plundered by a territorial tongue, palate caressed. With a sharp nip to his lower lip that made him flinch away the larger mer pulled back, grinning down at him in triumph.

"My name is Denali…" the older mer informed him, running a possessive hand down his body and his chest, strong enough to keep the younger male down with one hand, fingers brushing lightly over where his erection poked out from his sheath, making him whimper. "…I expect you to scream my name…" those trailing fingers hovered over the faint disruption of scales just below Jurei's sheath before plunging downwards, entering the young mer's untried body without any patience, filling Jurei as far as he had been filled before.

Denali rose up, releasing Jurei's wrists which remained where they had been kept. "Good boy..." he said, a sarcastic lilt to his rich voice. Denali's fins flared out in a traditional mating display and the younger mer's eyes were riveted by the spread of silver veined and edged back. The sunlight glinted off the dominating male's scales, bringing up a subtle blue pattern, one which Jurei traced with his eyes, coming to a stop at Denali's sheath, eyes widening as he observed the other's erection. Inside him the fingers twisted, stroking and stretching untried muscles, plunging in and out of him in a rocking motion that cause his cock to slide fully from its sheath.

Denali smirked down at him, hands coming round to fist in his hair, jerking his head back as the older mer lunged, burying his teeth into Jurei's neck in a claiming hold as he abruptly buried other parts of his body into a welcoming home.

Jurei screamed, eyes widening as his body was forced open, hands moving from above his head to push at the bigger mer's shoulder, trying to push him away, to get him out of his body. Delicate internal muscles spasmed tightly around the invader, causing Denali to moan against his younger partner's neck, withdrawing his mouth and licking the bleeding mark he had left, his hand's capturing Jurei's wrists again and returning them to the stretched out position above the younger mer's head.


With a purr Denali withdrew his hips, sliding out of the tight warm sheath he had buried himself in before slamming back in, his new mate's body giving an instinctive arch towards him. The youngster's lips were bitten bloody now and the mer eagerly bent down, licking hungrily at the red liquid, receiving a sharp bite in reply. The older mer hid a satisfied grin that the young one still had fighting spirit left in him, instead narrowing his eyes dangerously, the other shrinking away. "I will punish you for that later..." he promised his new mate, licking the blood from his bitten lip slowly.

The young one had stopped thrashing now; instead his hips have half aborted jerks towards the dominating male, shoving himself onto the large cock that spread him open.

"What is your name?" Denali growled, hearing the unsaid plea and answering it, pistoning his hips in and out of the tight warm body. The other merely shook his head, amazing bright hair spilling out over the wet sand. In response Denali slowed his thrusts cruelly, drawing each and every one of them out, making sure the head of his cock rubbed against the sensitive opening before sinking back in. His new mate gave a sobbing cry, hips jerking frantically, and upon realizing Denali would not be speeding his thrusts up, wisely gave an answer.

"J…Ju.. rei…" the quite moaning sob reached his ears and he grinned in triumph, such a beautiful voice, soft and sly, meant to wrap around the mind and fog it with promises that a siren would never keep. His partner must be from old stock then. Denali speed up his thrusts again, groaning.

"Jurei…" he whispered and heard the answering moan as the caress of his voice around the other's name reached Jurei, causing a physical reaction. The larger mer bent down to nip at a hardened nipple, moaning out the other's name again and listening to the sobbing cry it induced, the nipple hardening further under his lips at the caress of a name.

"De…nali…" came the pleading sob and the larger mer roared his dominance over the other, body crashing into the smaller being's as he came from the sound of that fine voice wrapping around the syllables of his name. His shoulders shook from the force of his orgasm while his teeth found purchase in the mark he had made before, reasserting his claim on the stranger as hot seed spilled between their bodies, a faint garbled scream of "DENALI!" causing the after shocks of his orgasm to become even more blissful.

And then there was silence… nothing but the roar of the waves against the shore. Denali release his mate's wrists, carefully bringing the younger mer's arms down to his sides before cradling the other in his arms. Jurei's body was limp against his, the foreign mer in a blissful unconsciousness. "Jurei…" he murmured into the other's ear frill, and felt the youngster's body harden against his, though remaining asleep. Denali smirked, burying his face in the pale crook of Jurei's neck, tongue and lips caressing the skin where it turned rust coloured, tracing the inky black tiger stripe there.

Oh this was going to be fun.

He purred, the vibration causing a soft moan to echo up from Jurei.

Fun indeed
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On March 16th, 2011 02:19 am (UTC), tygati commented:
Oh jeeze, I remember this from Delilah's archive. *___* Hottest mer-smut ever.
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