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Siren · Mythica

Seaside Orchard Chapter 2

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Seaside Orchard
Not Worksafe: Merman sex ^^

Morning dawned, a reluctant sun slowly drifting over the horizon, and shining its light on two entwined figures, a pair of jade eyes drifting open, glazed and confused, disorientated about where he was… and then a scream, multi tonal and trilling split the quiet morning air and sailors crossed themselves, murmuring about the man eating demon’s of the deep, who’s bazaar voices had called many a young man away to be torn apart and slowly eaten by the creatures and their young.


“Come here pretty…” the rich voice tried to wrap around the young mer while dark eyes watched him with amusement, but still Jurei continued to slide back, edging down the line of rocks in this little hidden cove near the ancient peach orchard, his jade eyes wary while Denali crooned darkly, flaring out his fins in such a way that the youngling wanted to stop and gaze upon his display.

“N…no!” Jurei wrapped one arm over his middle, protecting his sheath and slit as he moved closer and closer towards the waves.

“Come here my little mate…” Denali crooned again, the beauty of the voice tugging on Jurei to give up and give in, the younger one pausing and almost doing just that, giving the elder enough time to wrap his hand around the base of the others tail and drag him back up the beach, pinning him under his larger bulk and growling in amusement as Jurei snapped his sharp teeth at him, ear frills flared in indignation as Denali nuzzled over the bite mark of the day before.

“I know you’re frightened sweetness…” the mer continued in a low deep croon that made things lower in Jurei’s body tighten and heat while the rest of his muscles relaxed. “….but this is the way things are done in the northern seas…” catching Jurei’s flailing hands with one of his own and pinning the little one down onto the beach firmly, rusty red and sapphire-emerald coloured hair flaring out around the smaller mer’s head, released from its pony tail.

“…because you came into my territory without permission I have the right to do as I wish with you…. And since you are pretty and submissive…” Denali pressed their hips together, eliciting a small moan from Jurei’s red lips as their stiff sheath’s pressed together “…. I have taken you as my mate…”

Jurei growled at him, the sound like a kitten’s, not as threatening as the young one would have wished and Denali laughed, grinding them together in long smooth motions, his free hand cupping Jurei’s chin and lifting it so that he could be kissed, a tongue which demanded submission entering the other’s barely parted lips and stroking over Jurei’s till the mer was arching up again and again with small mewls escaping him every time Denali let their lips part for breath, brief seconds when their lips were parted before once again the larger mer was exploring his mouth. It didn’t occur to Jurei to bite down on Denali’s invading tongue, the slick muscle stroking his making his eyes roll slightly and his body tremble.

The shift of their hips against one another, tails rubbing, black scales flashing with prismatic blue patterns and Jurei’s own tiger stripes, changed, perhaps by accident and the older mer’s stiff sheath brushed over Jurei’s swollen and aching slit, causing the younger one to cry out in pain in his mouth, body twisting abruptly before Denali stopped such squirming by placing two hands on his new mate’s hips and holding them down, pulling back and staring into a flushed delicate face with swollen lips and jade eyes holding the slightest hint of discomfort, something he did not like to see there at all.

“Don’t worry love…” he growled “…I haven’t forgotten tradition..” he received a blush, and more frightened squirming but he just smiled, knowing the youngling was trying to hide a sudden burst of arousal thanks to one of his hands gently tugging on the young one’s body fin… a sensation which had caused Jurei’s modest erection to crown.

Traditional words were usually said with the witness of friends and family, but it was just as easy to invoke them without that… he just needed Jurei’s mind focused on something else while he did so…

Denali slid down the slim body beneath his, nuzzling the curve of one hip, nipping the soft skin and crooning in a haunting lullaby till Jurei’s body went limp beneath his, eyes glazing and falling to half mast, the little mer soon crooning a counter melody to his, the song echoing out over the waves, raising the hair on the back of the necks of fishermen.

His little one relaxed enough the elder slid down further, rubbing his cheek against the soft tinny scales that covered Jurei’s front, delicately stroking them till he found the disturbance in the lay, sliding the tip of his claw into the swollen slit and feeling it clench in retaliation.

“Thank you for the pleasure you have given me…” he purred, switching to a language older than any humans, spreading the protesting entrance with his fingers “….and for the joy that will come…” he licked across where delicate pink flesh had been bared earning himself a cooing moan “…for the future lives you will give me…” he would have left out that part but you never knew with southerners, they were like betta mers, impossible to predict how they actually breed “….and for the company in my old age…” Jurei was shifting, coming out of the daze Denali’s lullaby had sent him into and the elder thrust his tongue into the younger’s slit without any hesitation.

A small fluting cry broke the silence of the chilly air around them, Jurei’s smaller body thrashing uselessly under his, and Denali pressed his tongue in further, as Jurei awoke fully, gasping and whining as his body responded to the presence inside him, clenching and rippling while the elder moved his tongue slowly in and out of his mate’s body, garnering purrs and moans as well.


He shivered, feeling like someone had injected red hot fire into his veins, the feeling starting the moment Denali started to speak and spreading through him, ending with a painful burst over his heart that made his back bow.

Jurei’s cock quivered against his stomach as his body was manipulated skillfully, his fins flaring as he was teased to the point where with a sobbing cry he came over his stomach, his eyes squeezed shut while he bit through his lower lip spilling blood, the elder’s tongue continueing to move in him a long time after Jurei had found release, teasing him back into full arousal.

“Denali….” He whispered after what seemed like an eternity of pleasurable teasing though his slit still ached, warning him that anything larger than the other’s tongue would not be welcome. His voice caressed the syllables and cooed the vowels; and Denali stiffened, his silver edged body fin standing to attention while his fin, obsidian with silver veining, flared, midnight eyes raising to stare into his with unconcealed carnality.

“Denali…” he whispered again, this time in fear and the larger mer slithered up so that they looked eye to eye, wrapping one arm around the younger’s waist and pressing his lips to one of Jurei’s flushed cheeks.

“Poor darling…” the larger mer crooned, “….you need so much…” Denali’s free hand pressed on Jurei’s cock, making the younger mer wiggled against him, moaning and whimpering as he gripped it firmly and stroked it, other hand stroking his mate’s flanks while the other trembled with such need “…..and you are too sore aren’t you?” the mer added with a dark grin, nudging the tiny slit with the heat of his cock and making Jurei cry out in pain and need, nodding in response to the cruel words as the larger mer pushing forwards just enough so that the head of his cock spread the sore and swollen entrance wide.

“Don’t worry…” Denali pressed his fingers to Jurei’s lips, the young mer letting them inside his mouth with some worry, “….I wont…” he didn’t believe the elder’s words, not with the head slowly sliding into his depths and he made to protest but firm fingers pressed down on his tongue.


“Suck…” Denali ordered with some amusement as Jurei looked at him from under his eyelashes and then delicately started to suckle on his fingers, his tongue shyly sliding over the digits in a way that made the mer grit his teeth not to pull the other’s face down and force him to pleasure him. “Good…” he growled, letting Jurei continue much past the time his fingers were saturated, watching the red lips wrapped around his fingers move delicately.

What a pretty mouth… he thought, eyes half lidded, moving his fingers away from Jurei’s small tongue and gently tracing the sharp edges of his mate’s teeth, before finally removing his fingers all together and replacing them with his tongue, crushing their mouths together, one hand fisting in Jurei’s thick hair to hold him still while his slicked fingers crept down between the younger mer’s flanks and parted his firm ass cheeks, fingers sliding into the entrance there quickly and surely before Jurei could react, scissoring while Jurei cried out against his mouth, large silvery tears escaping his eyes and dribbling down his cheeks to land on the sand as smoky blue pearls.


Jurei’s body fins were stiffened with shocked outrage as the fingers pressed deep inside him, quivering with each shaky breath he took, and then falling flat in surprise as something was nudged inside his body that made him scream into Denali’s smiling mouth, the other mer tugging his head till his throat was bared, nipping at it roughly with his teeth, his voice a lulling mating call, his fins flared in display. With such powerful gestures directed towards him, the green eyed mer could not have escaped even if he had wanted to since he was now moaning again in pleasure as Denali’s fingers brushed inside him again and again and again.

Smiling the dominant withdrew his fingers, Jurei whining beneath him and squirming.

“Don’t stop…” he pleaded, trying to wrap his voice around Denali and bend his will, though it was impossible to do so with someone far older and with far more scope in the abilities of his own voice.

“I will do as I like…” Denali warned and he turned his mate over so that they spooned, the cradle of the elder’s hips supporting the younger’s ass, Denali reaching up and entwining their fingers together as he pushed himself in, Jurei stiffened and quivering, fins flaring.

He was being split apart, Jurei tightened his hand on the one who claimed him, his other hand scrabbling in the sand, leaving long claw marks all over it in his movements; and just when he was sure he could take no more and his body would break apart right then and there Denali stopped, kissing his shoulder, silver hair with its blackened tips mingling with Jurei’s own.

“Shhh now…. I’m all in…” Jurei’s eyes widened, and Denali’s hips moved, thrusting into him, the darker mer smiling as he slowly changed the angel and finally had Jurei’s back arch and a wail of pleasure broke from the younger’s hips.

“Denali….” Jurei moaned, pushing back, getting him to nudge that small spot again and crying out in bliss, turning his head to peak over his shoulder and receiving a small kiss on his forehead before a large hand settled on his hip, stroking the inky tiger stripes there, settling into a rhythm of sure, drawn out thrusts that made bursts of light explode behind the mer’s closed eyes and finally, after many moments of moaning the others name and having his name purred softly in his ear frill in return he came, sobbing softly, with no energy left for screaming anymore, falling limp in Denali’s arms and smiling as the larger mer shuddered and growled his name, filling him with seed.


“Come here pretty…” Denali sighed, Jurei glaring at him, crouched up again a large rock, trying in vain to cover both his sheath and his ass at the same time. The larger mer lunged forwards, grabbing his mate who bit him in the shoulder in anger, snarling slightly, with his pierced nose and chain between that and his ear membranes looking for all the world like any other punk.

If punks had long colourful fish tails and resisted being taken to an undersea volcanoe where the water heat was just right to sooth very much abused muscles.

“Don’t touch me…” a petulant voice wailed “….you always make me ache after wards!”

Denali grinned, dragging Jurei into the water, the sea lapping around them, welcoming them back… well yes… he had used his mate very well… as was his right as he had pointed out to Jurei, only to dodge a flurry of fins as the pretty had tried to escape.

“Tell you what beautiful… you come with me… and I will retrieve a peach from my orchard for you…” he purred it into ear frill connected by a chain to his mate’s sweet nose and tugged upon said chain to get himself an indignant cry though Jurei’s entire demeanor had changed with the mention of his forbidden fruit.

“How…” the younger mer asked warily.

“I have my ways…” he promised “…do not worry. I will get you the juiciest one”

Jurei’s eyelashes fluttered on his cheeks as he thought about this.

“Alright…” he murmured, and the darker mer hid his victory grin in Jurei’s soft shoulder, nipping the skin and making the tiger stripped mer shudder.

Peach juice was especially sweet in his peaches… the mer swam along side Jurei, nudging him and guiding him through the chilled waters of his territory … though the only was Jurei was going to find that out would be through licking it from Denali’s skin.
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On June 7th, 2006 03:57 am (UTC), mechaphilia commented:
Ah-hah, you write so much better than I do :D

“Don’t touch me…” a petulant voice wailed “….you always make me ache after wards!”

Pfft. Why do they[bottom boys] always complain?
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